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Children's Presence in the rooms

Drag and drop, a simple and quick gesture! Grafea-GO allows children to be dropped off in a room. This allows children to be located in the facility at all times.

Attendance management allows parents to register their vacations and absences in advance or on the same day.

The administration sees its attendance forecasts and the overall ratios required for the coming months. Perfect for planning summer vacations, spring break and the holidays.

Accident Reports

Fast and accurate production of complete and professional accident reports.

Several report models: accident/incident, vomiting/diarrhea, allergy, fever and other discomfort.

Review and approval of reports by the administration before sending them to parents.

Parents receive notification that a report is being sent to them. Viewing the report confirms that they saw it.

Filing and keeping reports in the child's record.

Instant Messaging

The instant messaging integrated into Grafea-GO allows direct and rapid communication between the parents of a child, the educators responsible for them at the daycare and the management.

Parents use their cell phones like all the other messaging services they are used to.

This messaging is also available for conversations between staff members.

Customizable logbooks (diaries) 

Logbooks are fully customizable. Each group, or even each child, can have their own tailor-made logbook.

You can enter information for a child or for the entire group with just one click.

Grafea-GO provides two logbooks, one for toddlers and one for children. You have an editor where each daycare service can adapt its logbooks with its particularities and vocabulary.

Sharing Videos with Parents

Videos and photos are shared with parents via Grafea-GO, a secure platform exclusively dedicated to parents and staff of your organization.

Unlike public social networks like Facebook, you have control over who accesses your Grafea-GO platform.


Attendance sheets

Parents sign their attendance forms digitally.

The sheets are automatically generated according to the presence and absence of the children. They adapt to any frequency, 4 weeks for installations or 2 weeks for RSGE.

The attendance sheets can be modified by the administration to respond to any situation.

Exclusive management tools


  • Display of real-time number of children present and overall ratio.
  • Presence and overall ratio forecasts based on children's habits.
  • Automatic updating of statistics without the need to reload pages.
  • Graph with a list of arrived, expected, and absent children.
  • Visualization of expected children in each group for upcoming days.

Attendance Management

  • Child status is instantly updated on all devices without any further intervention. No need to refresh pages to see the changes.
  • Color changes based on the child's status: present, departed, absent.
  • Display of the average arrival time for each child.
  • At all times, you know which room a child is in.
  • Enhanced safety in the event of an evacuation from the daycare.

Medication Management

  • Child Medication Management.
  • Medication management specific to a child's needs.
  • Medication management specific to the daycare service.
  • Tracking expiration dates, prescription validity, and treatment dates with notifications when these dates are approaching.
  • Digitized signatures for parents authorizing medications according to their protocols.
  • Medication administration records.

Service Agreements

Make it easier for parents

With digital service agreement, parents can review and sign each document on their mobile device at their convenience.

Parents receive the documents in PDF format identical to the paper forms you use.

A tool designed to save you time

Managing Grafea-GO service agreements saves you precious time for work that could take more than a day when they are on paper.

We use the agreements forms from the Ministry where you can:

  • Pre-record information to avoid having to retype it from one child to another;
  • Simultaneously prepare several agreements for children who share the same contractual characteristics.
Grafea-GO provides you with secure storage. Once signed and accepted, each service agreement is classified. You will see at a glance which parent has not yet signed their service agreement in order to follow up with them. No more digging through a binder!

All documents can be printed as needed.

Private daycares can also have their own service agreement under certain conditions.